We at Decora Plastic Industries are best known for our proven products and track record in developing unique plastic solutions. Regarded as one of the pioneers in PVC Compounding in Pakistan, we are known as a trusted name in producing Shoe Compound and PVC pipes. Contractors and Architects always recommend our Vinyl Tiles. Our most recent innovation is the PVC Waterstops used for the prevention of water passage through joints.

Chairman’s Message

“Having grown from a small enterprise to one of the largest PVC product manufacturers, we are poised to become a leader in this industry. The key to our success is that we do not stop serving after selling the PVC products. We also provide consultation, installation and maintenance services to our customers. We treat customers the way we would want to be treated ourselves. So we are honest and upfront.

At Decora, we firmly believe that without quality, the products are nothing at all. Based on this ideal, we implemented a total quality management system that covers the entire production process from selection of raw materials to random inspection of finished products. We have obtained ISO 9001 certification for our quality management practices, which stands as a testament to our commitment to providing the clients with only the highest quality products”,

Haji Muhammad Islam,

Decora Plastic Industries