Anti-Static Flooring

Decora plastic industries developed new static controlled floor tiles and sheets for the first time in Pakistan. These Decora flooring products are designed for static control including electrostatic build-up and discharge.

Normal floor tiles and sheets often contribute towards build-up of static which can be a serious problem in buildings. Electrostatic interference disrupts operations wherever computers are present and the problem is most severe with larger computer facilities. Even worse, static discharge can destroy hours of computer work or can even cause explosions in environments with high oxygen levels.

Primary Application

These special Decora floor tiles and sheets are recommended for any facility in which static discharge or interference may be a problem. Typical applications for static control Floor Tiles and Sheets include electronic manufacturing facilities, computer rooms, hospital rooms and X-ray rooms, supermarkets, schools public offices and commercial offices.

Product Description:

Decora Static Control Floor Tiles and Sheets are designed for commercial applications in which heavy wear and or electrostatic interference are expected. The tiles and sheets are manufactured from PVC, plasticizes, stabilizers, and color pigments re-enforced by special quartz fillers. Tiles are 305mm x 305mm. Other sizes are available upon request.


Decora tiles and sheets are engineered new static control floor tiles and sheets to effectively control static with and an electrical transversal resistance of 10ohm, which meets IBM requirements for computer rooms and other international standards. In addition, these tiles and sheets are designed for heavy wear and impact.

Color & Style Selection:

Anti-Static Installation


Areas of Use:

Product Properties


Electrical Properties

Electrical Resistance  by Surface at 500  Volts DC  = 1 x 106 ohms

Electrical Resistance  by Volume at 500  Volts DC  = 1 x 108 ohms

Meets IBM requirements regarding flooring computer rooms


Decora Static Control Floor Tiles offer great resistance to induction when adhered to subfloors. They are suitable for applications involving extremely heavy impact wear,

Shore D/10 Hardness Test Grade 75


No signs of breaking or failure when tested to BS 3261, Type B.

Frictional Resistance

Great Non-Slip properties under normal conditions of use.

Wear & Abrasion

Quartz reinforcement provides excellent abrasion resistance.

Fire Resistance

Decora Static Floor Tiles are rated Class 1 surface spread of flame and self extinguishing.

Thermal Movement

Coefficient of expansion : 0.06mm/deg/c/m

Chemical Resistance

Resistance to concentrated acids and alkalis, fats, oils and strong detergents.


Size:         305mm x 305mm            /  610mm x 610mm &  27″ x 25m Rolls

Thickness:  2.0mm x 3.00mm


Decora Static Floor Tiles can be laid on any subfloor that is stable, clean, smooth, level and dry. It is essentional to use the proper adhesive and laying techniques.

Cleaning & Maintainance:

Careful maintenance will imporve the appearance and durability of all floors. Daily maintenance using a diluted mild detergent in warm water and occasional polishing using a metalisted antistatic floor dressing are commended. Strong stripping agent, harsh abrasives and organic solvents should never be used.


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