WaterStops are made of virgin PVC designed for use in concrete construction joints, one
side of which is subject to hydrostatic pressure. The WaterStops are used as a barrier within the joint to prevent the passage of liquid through or across the joint. They are embedded in the concrete on both sides of the joint, spanning the joint. Waterstops are designed to accommodate lateral and transverse movements that excuse the joints to open or close or misalign.

Decora PVC WaterStops are tested by PCSIR laboratories. Decora PVC WaterStops are
best for preventing the passage of water through joints of liquid-containing or liquid-excluding structures, tunnels, foundation walls and similar concrete construction. WaterStops effectively prevent passage of liquid through, across or around joints. These can also be effectively used with swimming pools, reservoirs, canals, water and sewage treatment plants, retaining walls, culverts, bridge abutments and dams. Decora PVC WaterStops provide a great advantage of easily being spliced onsite and configured for intersections and directional changes of the joint. Waterstops are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes. Dimensional and size requirements of WaterStops depend on the joint, its location, hydrostatic pressure, and the amount of movement expected.


WaterStops Uses

WaterStops are designed to stop the flow of liquids through or across the joints in a concrete construction if properly installed. Some of the structures requiring WaterStops include swimming pools, storage tanks, roof and floor slabs, parking lots, bridge decks and abutments, foundations, basements, retaining walls, dams, locks, pits and all concrete structures requiring tight joints.

WaterStops Composition & Material

WaterStops are extruded from an electrometric plastic compound consisting of virgin polyvinyl chloride and additional resins, plasticizers and stabilizers to insert or exceed the requirements and performance criteria of corps of engineer specification. They are chemically inert, contains no material leachable by water, and is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, ozone and oxygen, and to water borne chemicals.

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