Geomembrane Applications

Water Conservations

  • Agriculture ponds
  • Decorative ponds
  • Fire Water Holding ponds
  • Industrial/Agricultural Reserve Water Storage
  • Golf Course Water Reserve in Contour Lakes

Water Transport Protection

  • Canal Lining
  • Drainage Lining
  • Embanking Protection Liner
  • Bio – Hazard Collection system Liner

Water Collection and Wastage Treatment

  • Water treatment pond
  • Chemical Treatment pond
  • Landfill Drainage collection system Liner

Industrial Collection System

  • Solar concentration pond
  • Salt field drying bed
  • Chemical/Brine solution collection system Liner
  • Pulp and paper Landfill and sewage pond

Structural Protection System

  • Earth seepage control
  • Roof Lining (Water Proofing)
  • Oil Drilling reserve pits
  • Concrete Basement water proofing liners

Industrial Collection System

  • Hatchery pond liner
  • Waste Treatment pond for Aquatic farming
  • Aquatic marine and fresh water pond liners