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HDPE Geomembrane

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  • PVC Geomembrane

    Poly Vinyl Chloride Geomembrane Available in a smooth surface with thickness ranging from 1.5-3.0mm thick with a maximum width of 1.5m, and a maximum length of 50m per roll. Colored PVC Geomembranes are also available upon request. Highly effective water proofing is achieved by bonding liner ends / joints using a hot air welding torch or special solvents/adhesives. PVC Geomembrane is constructed in a single layer. It is composed of PVC Resin, Plasticizer, Pigments, and Specialty Additives. PRODUCTS THICKNESS(MM) WIDTH(M) LENGTH/ROLL Poly 100 1.0 1.50 50 Poly 150 1.50 1.50 50 Poly 200 2.00 1.50 50 Poly 300 3.00 1.50 50 Poly Vinyl Chloride Geomembrane The Geomembrane lining method is becoming a popular concept in water management. The benefits of covering ponds and reservoirs lining with plastics geomembrane sheets dramatically reduce losses in water or any other liquids resulting from seepage yet at a very reasonable cost.

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