Waterstops Method of Fixing / Jointing

Decora PVC Waterstops are made from thermoplastic PVC and therefore can be welded at the joints. They are welded by using heating blades while holding in proper clamping. They are installed with help of wires which help reinforce by means of eyelet provided in the edge flanges. Waterstops can be placed on concrete surfaces or on shuttering through the eyelet. Decora Waterstops are easy to cut or connect and can be applied to all points including level Joint, Vertical Joints, etc.

Waterstops Cutting

Decora Waterstops are quite long and can be easily cut as per the requirement with an ordinary sharp knife, saw, or other sharp tools. Decora Waterstops melt at a temperature of 180°C. They can be connected very easily by means of melting and welding.

Waterstops Insatllation & Cutting Method

Melting Method

This method is applied to the connection of straight lines. The time required for the connection is three to four minutes. First, sections of two Waterstops intended to be connected are pressed against the heated iron sheet and when they melt, the two are combined. After joining, they must be cooled.

Welding Method

This method is applied to all connection works such as T type, Cross Type, L Type, and so on. The time required for connection is about fifteen minutes. The welding rod of the same material is heated and melted at the same time with help of a hot air gun.

Waterstops Testing

Decora Waterstops are tested through Government and Private laboratories.