Waterstops installation

WATER STOP is a product made from virgin PVC designed for use in concrete construction joints, one side of which is subject to hydrostatic pressure. The WATER STOP is used as a barrier within the joint to prevent the passage of liquid through or across the joint. It is designed to accommodate lateral and transverse movements that cause the joints to open or close or misalign.

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Water Stop is designed to stop the ow of liquids through or across the joints in concrete construction, if properly installed. Some of the structures requiring Water Stop include swimming pools, storage tanks, roof and or slabs, parking decks, bridge decks and abutments, foundations, basements, retaining walls, dams, locks, sewage and water treatment plants, water reservoirs, canals, tunnels, elevator pits, and all concrete structures requiring tight joints.

Composition and Material

Water Stop is extruded from an electrometric plastic compound consisting of virgin polyvinyl chloride and additional resins, plasticizers, and stabilizers to meet or exceed the requirements and performance criteria of Corps of Engineers Specification CRD-C 570-73 It is chemically inert, contains no material reachable by water, and is highly resistant to acids and alkalis, ozone and oxygen, and to water-borne chemicals.


British Standard Specification
American Standard Testing Method (ASTM)



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Waterstop Selection Guide

Waterstop Selection Guide

Type of Joints

Working joints: A large amount of movement occurs.
Non-working Joints: Non or little movement occurs.

Expansion of isolation Joint: This type of joint separates or isolates abutting concrete structures, such as wall slabs, columns, footing, loads, or other movements due to settlement or configuration of the structure. The movement of these types of the joint can be both lateral and transverse.

Construction Joints: These joints are placed at the interruptions in the placement of the concrete.

Decora PVC Waterstop Internal Profiles

Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ)

Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ) sections are used in expansion joints. The center bulb allows for cyclical movement in the structure and has a section for sealing of expansion joint leers and framework.

Internal Expansion Joint (IEJ)

Internal Construction Joint (ICJ)

Internal Construction Joint (ICJ) plain web sections are used in construction joints. Grout excluding is incorporated to give a positive area to locate farmwork and control grouts loss.

Internal Construction Joint (ICJ)

Decora PVC Waterstop External Profiles

External Expansion Joint (EEJ)

External Expansion Joint (EEJ) sections are used in expansion joints. The center box allows movement accommodation and has at top sections for easy seating of expansion joint fillers and form work.

External Expansion Joint (EEJ)

External Construction Joint (ECJ)

External Construction Joint (ECJ) sections are used in construction joints and incorporate grout excluding ns to give a positive area to locate formwork and control grout loss.

External Construction Joint (ECJ)
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